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What our customers say about the Amacam AP-25 Powerbank... 

Very useful because of its very small size. This is a really cool product for iPhone 6 users like myself. It comes with a few different adapters, the standard is a micro-usb then they also include a 30pin apple connector and also the newer 8pin apple connector for the newer iDevices. I do not believe they are certified adapters but they do work! Check out my video review of the AP25! 
- Jacob 
This has to be my best Christmas present this year, ideal for when you are on the move, wherever you are the power bank can be a lifesaver. I don't go anywhere with out it now and hardly know it is there but really pleased it is! 
- Chris 
What a great little product, it's very thin and light and fits perfectly in the pocket, it's been so helpful when traveling, it's also so easy to use. Worth every penny! 
- Ryan 
Even slimmer and lighter than I was expecting, great for my thirsty iPhone on the move and my wife keeps nicking it for her Kindle. Really useful and great value. 
- Martin K 
Was given this for as a present.What i like about this powerbank is how light it is and a nice size that fits into the side pocket of my handbag. It so easy to use, i forever charging my i pod from it. It is a handy thing to have. 
- June 
Excellent service. Goods ordered and received within a few days. Brilliant item for charging my phone. Very handy on long days out when you need to charge your phone. Would buy from this compamy again. 
- Emma 
Item is working well with my sony ercisson z1 compact no problems great little item ideal for handbag :) thankyou 
- Donna 
Fits in my pocket, charges my phone. Great designThe built in cable is a great idea. Having read some of the reviews I had concerns about how much charge it would hold. The only thing I can think is that you need to do what it says and complete discharge for the first 3 uses and after each charge for 8 hrs. So far mine is working perfectly. 
- M.White 
Great gadget as my iphone 4 is forever losing charge thank you :) 
- KM 
Great little product especially for the price. Having read the reviews (which are mixed) I took a chance on buying one. It charges my iPhone 5s from empty to 87% and when I lent it to a colleague with an iPhone 6 it charged her phone to just over 70% from flat. It fits in my pocket and the built in cable is just genius. 
- Michael 
Great portable battery pack for my iPhone. Basically gives a full charge to a dead iPhone so doubles your usage time. Highly recommended for long flights were you are watching video or playing games on your iPhone. 
- Mötley 
Love it fast delivery and quality charger. Works brilliant with my apple 4. 
- Alison 
I didn't purchase this myself and received it as a gift, i do wonder how i managed without it. Being able to recharge a multitude of devises on the go from something so compact is great. Not being the best at keeping my mobile phone charged, this has got me out of trouble a few times. The size has to be one of its best features, i can actually fit it in my wallet. I have just ordered one for my wife. Would highly recommend this product to anyone with a mobile device. 
- David 
The battery charger worked very well with my iphone and ipad. It charges quickly and powers the devices for a long time. The small size is very convenient. 
- Nikki 
What a fantastic and very useful addition to my smartphone,small and sturdy incredibly easy to use and store within my suit pocket or briefcase and it works which in this day and age is a wonderful thing 
- Irvine 
What a great power supply. Portable, slim and plenty of juice. I carry this with me everywhere and found it to be very handy. Clear winner 
- Rob 
This battery charger works well on all of my Apple Devices. It charges the devices quickly and recharges very quickly. It has a long charging life. 
- Steven 
Just thought I had to congratulate the makers of this great little 'power pack', and when I say little I mean little. Not only does it slip into my handbag, it also slips nicely into my purse. A great source of extra power when needed at your fingertips. Will definately recommend this to my friends as a 'must have'. 
- Jayne 
Excellent power supply. Compact and very quick. I can recharge my phone in less then 10 minutes. 
- Mary 
A hair thicker than advertised, but it served its purpose well. 
- Nate 
Four Stars. Nice size portable battery. 
- SJ 
Very good product. bought for my father. he loved. very small and slim. I am getting one for myself. 
- Jose 
This little backup charger is fantastic, provides an iphone with about 80% from 0 and fits into my wallet. Thickness is about the same as 7-8 cards. 
- Daniel 
Brilliant, fits my wallet and charges well. Slightly thinner than an iPhone 5 and charges really well. Fits my wallet and is fantastic as a backup for my iPhone and samsung tablet. Micro usb and iPhone 5/5s adapter sits within the housing so no extra cables required. 
- Daniel 
Brilliant service and brilliant charger. Perfect for days out. Would definately buy from this seller again. Five star service. 
- David 
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